Water supply situation in Vienna:

After the crisis management programme took place (ÖNORM EN ISO 15975-1), Wiener Wasser set up an internal crisis team on 11 March. The management of this crisis team is in contact with the other crisis committee of the municipal authorities and the Federal Ministry of Home Affairs.

On Sunday, 15 March, before the initial restriction came into force, the crisis team of Wiener Wasser re-structured the staff for basic operations for all departments and staff units and dedicated specific tasks for staff members.

The protection of the staff team is essential. Therefore, only a minimum number of staff is physically present on site. This applies to the control of water demand coverage in the headquarters and smaller sub-centres as well as heads or deputies of the specialist departments. Additionally, a call on duty service for special departments is still in operation. A separate communication channel was also set up, with information and rules of conduct were distributed to all employees. All other employees are at home and work remotely using laptops or home computers.

Wiener Wasser can confirm that the transition to basic operations has worked very well and that Vienna’s water supply can continue to be maintained without restrictions.

Vienna Main Sewage Plant:

The Vienna sewage treatment plant (Ebswien Hauptkläranlage Ges.m.b.H.), which is responsible for the treatment of all waste water of the City of Vienna, immediately implemented an emergency plan in response to the corona virus pandemic. The plan supports the measures ordered by the Federal Government to contain the spread of the virus and ensures the continuity of the treatment of waste water of Vienna.

Within two days, Ebswien Hauptkläranlage Ges.m.b.H. reduced the operating staff of the Vienna main sewage treatment plant, which is part of the critical infrastructure, by approx. 70% or 115 employees.

The company has a state-of-the-art and highly available virtual information technology and control technology infrastructure, which enables the key staff to provide the best possible support to the operating team from their home office, or even to operate the plant control system independently of location with the help of mobile devices.

Website: www.voewg.at/

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