According to water cycle research institute KWR (, drinking water is very well protected against all viruses, including the coronavirus COVID-19. Coronaviruses are part of a group of viruses that do not survive well in water and are relatively easy to remove and inactivate. The important routes of spreading of coronavirus Covid-19 and other coronaviruses do not run via water, so the chance that the drinking water becomes contaminated with the coronavirus is nonexistent. A flu virus does not spread through drinking water. (The flu viruses are found in drops of snot, mucus and saliva and these types of viruses are therefore spread by talking, coughing or sneezing.

This mainly happens in spaces where people are close to each other and where ventilation is poor, for example in a train or bus, a school or a nursery. Viruses are also transmitted via hands and objects, such as a doorknob) Drinking water companies that prepare drinking water from surface water have all set up multiple disinfection barriers aimed at removing bacteria, viruses and protozoa, which are also guaranteed by the Microbiological Safety of Drinking Water Analysis. Groundwater is well protected in the soil against all microbiological contaminants, including viruses. The strict hygiene regulations for construction and maintenance also ensure that the drinking water sector is well protected against all microbiological contamination.

The drinking water companies do not expect problems with the delivery and quality of the drinking water due to the corona virus COVID-19. The continuity of the drinking water supply is a precondition for the proper functioning of society. That is why companies have a legal obligation to provide drinking water and are obliged to prepare for all kinds of threats and dangers. One of the concerns is possible shortage of staff due to a flu pandemic. However, all drinking water companies have drawn up continuity plans specifically for influenza pandemics. These plans contain measures to prevent the spreading of the virus, but also the course of action when the virus actually leads to a shortage of personnel. The advice of the national government is also closely monitored in this regard.

Due to the fully automated process management, the possibility of teleworking, own emergency power supply and stocks of materials, Dutch drinking water companies are able to guarantee the continuity of the drinking water supply in the event of a flu pandemic.

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