Following up on the presentation of the New Pact of Migration and Asylum and of the updated EU Skills Agenda by the European Commission, the roundtable discussion on the topic ‘’EU labour migration policy: time to move from a skill-based to a sector-based framework?’ will be an important opportunity for CEEP to share SGIs employers’ vision and experience in the field of labour migration. The event will be held on 5 November 2020.

The roundtable will bring together the EU Social and Economic partners to discuss how labour migration policy can respond to the challenges that the labour market face in terms of anticipating and matching current and future skills needs. During the panels, speakers will address the specific sectoral issues related to the migration policies in the agricultural, health and long-term care and the ICT sectors.

CEEP believes that labour migration plays a key role in addressing skills shortages and mismatches across the EU. At the same time, a better forecasting of the labour market and skills trends and needs requires implementing a multi-stakeholders approach by fostering a deeper cooperation between local and regional authorities, employers, public services’ and education and training providers, while actively involving employers in labour migration schemes and ensuring that their labour market needs are reflected.

CEEP will take part in this event that is in line with its various activities in the field of migration and integration, one of the most concrete ones on the ground being the Labour-Int 2 project. In the framework of this multi-stakeholder project, CEEP coordinates the Expert Group on Skills and Migration (EGSM) which has as main objective to gather and share knowledge and expertise in order to elaborate common solutions to refugees’ and protection-seekers’ labour market integration challenges, with a specific focus on skills and qualifications.

The research activity within the EGSM is carried out by the International and European Forum on Migration Research (FIERI). FIERI is the research institute on migration, mobility and integration that is currently finalizing the drafting of the Labour-Int 2 reports, namely “Testing the EU skills profile tool for TCNs” and “Mapping ICT tools for TCNs integration”.

The reports will be shared and discussed during the second meeting of the EGSM, that will take place online on the 19 November 2020. The meeting will also provide the opportunity to further link digitalization and integration practices, reflecting on possible ways of transferring and using innovative ICT-based tools to facilitate the integration of refugees into the labour market.

Should you wish to know more about the outcomes of the roundtable discussion or to learn the latest progress in the framework of the EGSM work, do not hesitate to contact CEEP Project Manager, Carlotta Astori or CEEP Project Officer Ștefan Enică.

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