CEEP organised last Tuesday 22 January, together with UDES, the Third Steering Committee Meeting in the framework of the European Commission’s co-financed project “Social Services in European cross-industry social dialogue: towards a strong and deeper involvement”. The meeting was held in Paris, kindly hosted in the UDES premises.

The project, that started back in 2017, aims to increase the profile of social services at the European level within the remit of social dialogue. By collecting key information in 6 EU Member States (Bulgaria, Cyprus, Hungary, Lithuania, Malta and Romania), this project has the objective of improving the knowledge of social services’ providers when it comes to social dialogue at the national level and to promote their better inclusion within the existing structures of social dialogue. The goals of the project are, therefore, not only to raise awareness about the importance of social services in social dialogue at the European and the national level, but also to create a long-standing network of social services active within the social dialogue.

During the Third Steering Committee Meeting, it was agreed by the participants that the project report – currently available in an interim draft – is to be finalised following the remaining project meetings to be held in the first half of 2019 and taking stock of the results of those.

The dates for the remaining meetings for the project were also determined. These are as follows:

  • Paris Round Table Meeting – targeting Bulgaria and Malta: 29 March 2019
  • Technical Training Meeting – targeting the 6 EU Member States on which the project focuses upon: 15-16 May 2019
  • Final Dissemination Conference: 8 November 2019

During the meeting, the provisional structure and the setting up of the Technical Training Meeting were also discussed. This meeting will be the opportunity to gather representatives from SSGIs providers from the 6 target EU Member States and discuss with them the possibilities to overcome the fragmentation they are facing at the national level, taking stock of the process that led France and Belgium – two of the main partner countries – to build inter-sectorial umbrella organisations for multiple sectorial services to be represented.

The Third Round Table Meeting will be held on 29March in Paris and is organised by CEEP and UDES. The target countries for this meeting are Bulgaria and Malta. Should you wish to register, do not hesitate to contact CEEP Project Officer Carlotta Astori.

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