In the framework of the three major projects CEEP is currently carrying out for 2018, please find below a description of the main events that will take place over the year:

LABOUR INT 1: Through this project, CEEP intends to raise awareness of the problems related to the integration of asylum-seekers and migrants amongst the employers’ associations, trade union organizations, chambers of commerce and industry, and civil society in general. The objective will also be to disseminate the project results and spread best practices through three major events, whilst promoting the LABOUR INT Multi-Stakeholder approach and the European Partnership for Integration.

Upcoming meetings will be the following:

  • 26 September: 2nd Dissemination event (Sofia – Bulgaria, organised by CITUB – target Countries: Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, (Macedonia), (Bosnia-Herzegovina), (Kosovo), Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, Malta)
  • 7 November: 3rd Dissemination event (Stockholm – Sweden, organised by CEEP and SALAR – target Countries: Denmark, (Norway), Sweden, Finland, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, UK)
  • 14 December: 4th Dissemination event (Vienna – Austria, organised by ETUC and OSCE – target Countries: EU 28-member states)

SOCIAL SERVICES IN EU CROSS-INDUSTRY SOCIAL DIALOGUE: Through this project, CEEP intends to pursue its efforts to better position social services’ employers’ organisations in the cross-industry social dialogue. CEEP intends to work particularly on the identification and capacity building of Social Services’ employers’ representatives in several Member States not covered by previous studies. This capacity building exercise will start with a first set of round table meetings, hosted by the project partners in Belgium, Lithuania and France. Two of the three round table meetings foreseen in the framework of the project will take place in 2018:

Upcoming meetings will be the following:

  • 19 October: 1st Round Table meeting (Brussels – Belgium, organised by CEEP and UNISOC – target Countries: Cyprus and Romania)
  • 18 December: 2nd Round Table meeting (Vilnius – Lithuania, organised by CEEP and ALAL – target Countries: Lithuania and Hungary)

CEEP CSR LABEL: The CEEP-CSR Label aims to help providers of public services and of SGIs to promote their activities in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility. The Label also contributes to the increase of visibility of good practices of local public companies towards the European institutions and to exchange best practices. To this purpose, an Awarding Ceremony is planned to be held on 11 December in Stockholm, and co-organised by CEEP and CEEP Sweden.

Do not hesitate to contact CEEP Project Officer Carlotta Astori should you have any questions on the projects or the related events above mentioned.

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