At the informal ESPCO (Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council), CEEP General Secretary Valeria Ronzitti expressed the views of public services’ employers, emphasising the importance of social dialogue in the current context:

  • “The involvement of social partners in shaping Europe’s policy-making is a pre-condition for its legitimacy and democratic acceptability. The ‘New Start for Social Dialogue’ process should reinforce Social Dialogue at bi-partite and at tri-partite level, while keeping intact the autonomy of Social Partners.”
  • “A good tripartite dialogue can help foster bi-partite activities by creating a real habitus of discussion and negotiation, as well as giving organisations the opportunity to discuss regularly. This practice is still severely lacking in too many countries, while the first thing that social partners need is the full and constant support of the governments in order to develop and sustain sound working relations.”
  • “The autonomy of social partners should never be questioned. Social dialogue is a factor of stability and competitiveness for the EU. This essential role cannot be fully played if our autonomy, representativeness and very nature are questioned whenever we should be encouraged to reach balanced compromises.”

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