CEEP welcomes the announcement by Jean-Claude Juncker of the portfolios of the new European Commission. CEEP considers the new approach, with reinforced Vice-presidents focussing on thematic priorities and valuing the flexibility in the structure, as good news.

“That approach should effectively streamline decision-making in the new Commission, overcoming the strong silo mentality that has developed over time, which was generating uncertainty over the overall directions and sometimes creating contradictions”, expressed Valeria Ronzitti, CEEP General Secretary. She added that “hopefully, the Vice-presidents will be in a position to genuinely coordinate the actions taken by the European Commission, bringing more coherence and, in the end, more efficiency and effectiveness in the policy-making process.” She also explained that a complete reorganisation will be necessary. In her views, the organisation in ‘project teams’ will otherwise only remain an “announcement effect” without impact on way the European Commission works.

CEEP also welcomes the creation of positions of ‘Vice-President for Jobs, Growth Investment and Competiveness’ and of ‘Vice-President for an Energy Union’. “In both cases the constitution of those portfolios and their upgrade at a Vice-President level is good news for CEEP”, explained Ms Ronzitti.
In the case of the Growth and Investments portfolio, we see this as key for “reinvesting in Europe”, which is the underlying principle we saw in the ‘Strategic agenda for the Union in times of change’ prepared by Mr Van Rompuy, as well as Mr Juncker’s political guidelines. “We are committed to support by all possible means that portfolio, in order to bring growth and jobs back to Europe”.
As representatives of Services of General Interests’ providers, many of CEEP members are active in the field of energy. “We welcome the recognition of the essential need for Europe to formulate a comprehensive Energy and Climate Framework. European energy undertakings are in great need of such a framework, and the Vice-President for Energy Union can count on the full support of CEEP to reach that goal”, concluded Valeria Ronzitti.

Press release: PDF version.

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