Over the last weeks, the colleagues from FIERI, the International and European Forum on Migration Research, working with CEEP in LABOUR INT 2’s Expert Group on Skills and Migration (EGSM) published several articles on the European Web Site on Integration (EWSI). The website, launched by the European Commission to share good practices on migrants integration, and to support national, regional and local authorities and civil society organisations in their efforts to integrate third-country nationals through mutual learning activities and through funding, is today focusing on the way the pandemic has been affecting the migrant communities across the EU.

One crucial part of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic is to make sure that all members of society have the information they need to stay healthy and follow quarantine guidelines, the Commission is setting up a migrant community outreach strategy. To ensure that migrants are not overlooked in the response, civil society organisations have been busy translating and communicating vital information to their communities. Authorities have also made an effort to communicate critical information in multiple languages.

At our level, FIERI’s Director, Ferruccio Pastore, recently published the following articles to reply to some of the questions that emerge when reflecting about how to implement social distancing rules and guidelines within some of the most vulnerable communities in the society:

Should you wish to get more information on COVID-19 and migration, do not hesitate to contact CEEP Project Manager, Carlotta Astori.

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