Representing employers and providers of public services and services of general interest (SGIs), CEEP is supporting the ongoing campaign aimed at re-establishing the European Parliament Intergroup on Public Services and SGIs. The intergroup has been active over the last ten years in stimulating discussions amongst MEPs and between MEPs and many external stakeholders, on questions of public services and services of general interest. The intergroup answers the need to discuss public services and SGIs with a transversal and open approach, and it has been the only body specifically addressing this angle at EU level. This goal should remain central in the new term, with an increasingly broader support from all political groups.

MEPs of four different political groups (PPE, S&D, Renew Europe and Greens) are already actively supporting the Intergroup. MEP Elisabetta Gualmini (IT, S&D) will chair the Intergroup, with MEPs Adam Jarubas (PL, EPP), Radan Kanev (BG, EPP) Heléne Fritzon (SE, S&D), Christophe Grudler (FR, Renew), Anna Cavazzini (DE, Greens) and Monika Vana (AT, Greens) as vice-chairs, ensuring a broad representation of the political families of the European Parliament.

Based on decisions taken by every political groups of the European Parliament, the Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament will ultimately decide which intergroup becomes a reality. As several projected intergroups have not gathered such a broad support, the political potential of this intergroup is clear: it can be an open and transversal platform to discuss the contribution of public services and SGIs to the transitions our society is facing.

As each parliamentary group will be voting in the upcoming weeks for the intergroups they will endorse, CEEP calls on EU, national and regional stakeholders to help raise awareness about the need for such an intergroup in the European Parliament, to make sure this transversal platform addressing public services and SGIs at EU level is maintained for the next 5 years.

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