The Council Conclusions of 27 June are a first important step towards a new way of doing policy in Europe. The ‘Strategic agenda for the Union’ adopted by the Council put the emphasis more on the need of redefining European priorities than on finding the right individuals to realise them. “Now the follow up on the commitments taken must be ensured!”, noted Valeria Ronzitti, CEEP General Secretary.

CEEP is now looking at the future European Commission to firmly commit to the five year ‘Strategic agenda’ and its full implementation. “We believe, in line with the Council’s conclusions, that there is no need to reinvent the wheel. The Europe 2020 strategy is and must remain the framework guiding the European Member States’ actions for the next five years”, expressed Ms Ronzitti. The upcoming review of the 2020 strategy needs to bring coherence into the whole frame and make sure that the Agenda is fully embedded into the European governance, and in particular into the European semester.

While the main priorities for actions in Europe do not change, the focus does. “We read the agenda as recognition of the need of ‘Re-investing in Europe’. The ‘invest and prepare our economies for the future’ must be on the top of agenda within the growth and jobs chapter”, continued Ms Ronzitti. CEEP specifically welcomes the clear acknowledgment:

  • of the urgent need for investments in physical (energy, transport, energy) and social (education) infrastructures;
  • of the need to fully exploiting the possibilities given by European Investment Bank on long-term projects;
  • of the need for a clear regulatory framework for long term investments.

CEEP will be vigilant about the implementation of those commitments, and will offer support and expertise of its members to the European institutions. “Public services employers and providers are indeed those who need to manage on a daily basis the operational side of those investments and make the best value for money out of it”, concluded Ms Ronzitti.

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