Are you a social services provider involved or interested in cross-industry social dialogue or in better understanding the impact of European Policies? Do you want to meet counterparts from across Europe? Then this project is made for you.
Under this activity, CEEP, the European organisation representing employers and enterprises providing public services and services of general interest, together with partners will organise four roundtable discussions, two technical training sessions and one final dissemination event with participants from 14 EU Countries. Discussion will be in small committees to favour exchange of information and practical interactions.
The objective of this project is to facilitate the increased profile of social services at European level within social dialogue thanks to activities of identification and gradual involvement. The project aims to improve the knowledge of social services when it comes to social dialogue in their member states and to promote a better inclusion within the existing structures of social dialogue.


  1. To develop the knowledge of social services branches and their role in social dialogue by collecting key information in 14 EU Member States;
  2. To raise awareness of the importance of social services in social dialogue at European and national level;
  3. To create sustainable dynamics by creating a network of social services/social dialogue promoters and organising technical training courses.

4 roundtable discussions

Four meetings will take place in four of the partner Countries: Czech Republic, Belgium, Sweden and Austria.
Built around the experience and background of each participant, these roundtable meetings will aim to support relevant social services structures, playing an important role in social dialogue to increase their European profile and expand their knowledge on labour policy.
During these four events, we will discuss together the models of social dialogue existing in the region on the EU level, as well as the outcomes of the survey CEEP has conducted to further explore the branches of the social services and to map the structure and players of social dialogue in these services.

2 technical training sessions

Two training courses will be held covering the following issues:

  • Capacity building – unveiling the constituent parts – defining the role of an employer organisation in the social dialogue;
  • Premise for an efficient European social dialogue – an unequivocal mutual understanding between the European and national level The growth of social dialogue and increased social services inclusion requires an understanding of the how and why of the EU SD. Therefore, its structure and its impact on the national social partners and employers organisations will be analysed. Real examples from both the European and national level will be presented.

Final dissemination event

This part of the project will gather a number of (potential) social dialogue representatives from the 14 targeted countries, and it will be shaped as an academic seminar presenting the projects findings. It will be an opportunity to discuss with the European stakeholders ways and opportunities for a stronger and deeper involvement of social services in the European cross-industry social dialogue.

The final report of this project can be consulted here.

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