CEEP has called upon all EU associations representing providers of services of general interest to contribute to the work of a dedicated “SGIs facing COVID-19” platform. Featuring examples and messages of the associations part of this platform, this page will be regularly updated, highlighting the short-term effects of the ongoing crisis, as well as preparing for the “day after” with proposals for long-term political solutions.

SGIs facing COVID-19 – Examples across Europe

Fire brigade
Local Government
Public Administration
Social Services
Social Protection


SGIs facing COVID-19 – Statements and calls for actions


CEEP Position Papers
I. Contribution to sharpening Emergency Measures
II. The Design of an Efficient and Unified Economic Response
III. The Path to Recovery: a Strong MFF and an Unprecedented Investment Plan

CEEP Messages and Press Releases
15 April 2020: Press Release – “Coordination between Member States is central when lifting containment measures”, says CEEP
27 March 2020: Press Release – Launch of the EU Platform “Services of General Interest facing COVID-19”
26 March 2020: CEEP Letter to the European Council on the COVID-19 emergency
26 March 2020: Press Release – EU welfare systems and the social market economy must be preserved, Whatever It Takes
13 March 2020: Press Release – CEEP Reacts to the European Commission’s Response to Counter the Economic impact of COVID-19

Joint Statement of the EU Social Partners (CEEP, ETUC, BusinessEurope, SMEUnited)

23 April 2020: Joint letter of the EU Social Partners (ETUC, BusinessEurope, CEEP, SMEUnited) to President von der Leyen, ahead of the European Council
23 April 2020: Joint input of the EU Social Partners (ETUC, BusinessEurope, CEEP, SMEUnited) to the European Council
24 March 2020: Statement of the European Social Partners (ETUC, BusinessEurope, CEEP, SMEUnited) to the European Council on the COVID-19 emergency
16 March 2020: Statement of the European Social Partners (ETUC, BusinessEurope, CEEP, SMEUnited) to the ECOFIN on the COVID-19 emergency

Partners’ organisations

UITP (28 April 2020): Our latest open letter to the European Institutions: the next stages for public transport during COVID-19
(27 April 2020): The Impact of COVID-19 on Disability Services in Europe
(16 April 2020): Statement from EurEau on Covid-19 and water services
CEMR (15 April 2020): Recommendations to better implement the Coronavirus Response Investment Initiatives
Aqua Publica Europea (7 April 2020): Aqua Publica Europea members ensuring tap water safety during the COVID-19 crisis and video to thank the personnel from public water operators for their dedication during the crisis 
EBU (3 April 2020): Coronavirus Crisis – EBU Calls on Governments to uphold Independence on Public Service Media
HOSPEEM (3 April 2020): Statement on COVID-19 outbreak – The impact on the health services and the need to support joint measures across Europe
CEMR (3 April 2020): Cohesion funds to receive much-needed flexibility to fight COVID-19
UITP (26 March 2020): An Open Letter for the European Institutions: UITP and fellow associations advocate for the continuity of public transport
HOPE (26 March 2020): Press release to supporting professionals of the healthcare sector
(25 March 2020): Public Service Media are Trusted Source of Information on COVID-19 Crisis
CER (24 March 2020): COVID-19 | Transport keeps us going
EBU (23 March 2020): Public Service Media Provide Support to Audiences in Times of Crisis
Aqua Publica Europea (19 March 2020): Joint Statement – European public water operators commit to the continuity of water services in response to COVID-19 emergency
(19 March 2020): Railway operations during COVID-19
HOPE, with AIM, CPME and ESIP (18 March 2020): Joint letter to the European Commission concerning the COVID-19 pandemic
EASPD, with the European Ageing Network
 (11 March 2020): Letter to Urusla von der Leyen, President of the European Commission


European Investment Bank (21 April 2020):EIB and five national promotional institutions to cooperate in the fight against Covid-19
European Commission
(14 April 2020): Waste management in the context of the coronavirus crisis
International Labour Organisation
(7 April 2020): ILO Monitor 2nd edition: COVID-19 and the world of work
French Government
(24 March 2020): Letter of support to Telecommunications operators
Committee of the Regions
(20 March 2020): COVID-19: CoR President calls for an EU Health Emergency Mechanism to support regions and cities


Partners in the ‘SGIs facing COVID-19’ platform

Members of the Public Services’ Employers Forum (PSEF)

Other Partners

Should your organisation be interested in this platform, please contact us at GeneralSecretary@ceep.eu.

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