On 14 March, the Regulatory Fitness Platform of the European Commission (or “REFIT Platform”) adopted a series of Opinions dealing with varied issues relevant to the EU legislative and policy-making framework. Amongst those, two Opinions were drafted by CEEP General Secretary Valeria Ronzitti, together with other REFIT Platform members, full REFIT member since its creation in May 2015.

The first of these Opinions refers to “Transparent Transposition” and draws up recommendations aimed at addressing the issue of over-regulation by national and sub-national authorities transposing EU legislation into national law. The second one is entitled “State Aid and ESIF” and raises awareness on the needed alignment of EU State Aid rules with European Structural Investment Funds (ESIF) regulation.

CEEP is fully convinced of the added value of both these Opinions as well as the impact that they will have on future EU policy-making and in supporting the proper implementation of EU legislations at national, regional and local level. Those two outcomes will only be attained if and when institutions, SGI providers, employers, workers and even citizens, make full use of all the opportunities stemming from those REFIT Opinions.
On the one hand the opinion on “Transparent Transposition” should be used to highlight the shortcomings that impact the whole European legislative machinery. On the other hand the one on “State Aid and ESIF” underlines the current lack  of complementarity between two of the most important areas of EU policy-making, which are competition policy and cohesion policy. As such, those opinions can serve as a basis for our future actions when it comes to better monitoring the implementation of the EU legislation in Member States, and highlight the need to address both the competition policy and the EU funding tools.

The REFIT Platform exerting a consultative function as the European Commission’s regulatory body, these opinions are not legally binding. In both cases, however, they send the right signals and enable EU decision-makers to better locate shortcomings and room for improvement. CEEP believes that both these opinions, contribute (together with many other) to improving EU law-making in terms of quality across many policy fields. But beyond the matters at stake, they clearly establish the REFIT Platform’s added value as a forum to stimulate and structure political debate.

CEEP Policy Officer Alexis Le Coutour remains (alexis.lecoutour@ceep.eu) at your disposal for any further questions on this issue.

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