CEEP as a cross-sectoral social partner speaks at European level for enterprises, associations of enterprises and employers working in the public services sector

Strenghtening Services of General Interest

  • Whether they are economic or non-economic, CEEP believes that modern public services serve fundamental goals of the EU, its Member States and its regions: stronger social and territorial cohesion, economic and social solidarity and a better quality of life of its citizens.
  • SGIs and SGEIs have a key role in the integration of the EU States into a common economic area.
  • CEEP works to recognise the particularities of these services with regard to competition rules recognised, within the interanl market concept.

Giving Input In The European Social Dialogue

  • As social partner, CEEP believes that employer consultations as well as social dialogue are fundamental to promote Lisbon targets: innovation and growth.
  • In order to help members meet the Lisbon targets, CEEP focuses mainly on crucial aspects of the European Employment Strategy (EES) for instance promoting the adaptability to change and addressing regional disparities.
  • Another main concern is to build stronger partnerships at regional and local levels.

Making Sustainable Development Real

  • CEEP reinforces sustainable development including environmental criteria in all decisions implementing EU policies such as transport, energy, water supply, waste disposal and telecommunications.


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