CEEP members are enterprises and associations providing Services of General Interest (SGIs) from across Europe both public and private at national, regional and local level whatever their legal ownership status.
CEEP offers its members to take part in many discussion forums through our Boards, Task Forces and Working Groups.

Moreover, CEEP members may participate in meetings of high political level (European Social Summit, Macro economic meetings at political and technical level) and institutions (EESC, Dublin Foundation for the improvement of living and working conditions, CEDEFOP in Thessalonica etc.) via its function as a European Social Partner to influence all European decisions affecting basic infrastructures (transport, energy, water supply, waste management, telecommunications…) and to promote special needs such as: principle of subsidiarity and the responsibilities of public authorities at regional, local level where more and more of SGIs are provided.

CEEP members share national experiences and best practices, and are involved when CEEP participates in the European consultation process to give its views.

If you would like to know more about us or to get information on how to become a member of CEEP, please contact ceep@ceep.eu

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