Arising from concerns about the extent to which public services (sometimes referred to as Services of General Interest of the by the initials SGIs), lack the competences essential to doing so effectively, the European Centre of Employers and Enterprises providing Public Services (CEEP) and the European Federation of Education Employers (EFEE) have initiated the joint research and dialogue project entitled: “Matching Education with the Needs of Public Services – Challenges for Policy and Practice”.

According to CEEP’s “Pulse of Public Services” published in November 2013, finding workers with the appropriate skillset is among the top three challenges faced by public services; indeed, it is seen as the most significant challenge that is not linked to the effects of the economic crisis.
The research, which was presented in a conference on the 24th of January 2014 involved a literature review, some 40 interviews with persons responsible for managing and building the capacity of public servants and two seminars (one of which was hosted by the Education and Training Board Ireland in Piper’s Hill near Dublin, the other one by EFEE in Amsterdam) during which what was gleaned from the literature review and the interviews was augmented and refined.
Additionally, conclusions from what was learned through the interviews and the seminars, some 35 cases of best practice on the part of the education sector and public service providers in closing the competence gap between what is required in the workforce and what is acquired in the course of pre-work education were identified and documented.
This report summarises the main findings of these various analytical steps as well as the exchange with stakeholders in the two seminars and the conference. Also the catalogue of best practices is included as an annex to this report.

Major key results and findings arising from the analysis as well as the examples of best practices are summarised.

Key outcomes can be seen: Here

For the politicy recommendations: Here

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