Today, CEEP and EFEE held the final seminar of the EC funded project “Matching education with the needs of public services”, in which they presented the outcomes of their joint work as well as joint policy recommendations.

“We started this journey aware of the difficulty faced by many public services’ providers to recruit people with specific competences and skills. Thanks to the project we now have a fairly complete mapping of the future transversal competences employees needs to meet citizens’ expectations for effective public services. Only through increased cooperation between public services’ employers and education and training providers can those needs be met and CEEP and EFEE are strongly committed to boosting the dialogue between the world of enterprises and the one of education” said Valeria Ronzitti, General Secretary of CEEP. Bianka Stege, General Secretary of EFEE added that “more than ever, it is important to tackle the question of matching of skills and competences. It is time to act, to take our responsibility as employers and to improve the link between education and public services.”

Recognising that the quality of human capital in an organisation is the key driver of organisational effectiveness, EFEE and CEEP recommend the following strategies and practices both to the relevant policy makers at all levels and their members (Policy Recommendations).

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