This year marks the 30th anniversary of the ‘Val Duchesse’ that launched the cooperation with European social partners with the aim to involve social partners in the internal market process.

30 years later, European social dialogue has an even higher importance and, we, as representatives of employers’ organisations involved in the cross-industry and sectoral social dialogue (public transport, railway, electricity, education, hospitals and local and regional governments) declare the following for the High level event on social dialogue:

We fully support the European Commission’s commitment to enhance the importance of social dialogue and the EU social partners’ role in EU policies

We also welcome that Mr Juncker aims to become the President of “social dialogue” and are pleased to support him in this process. This high-level event on social dialogue on the 5th of March is the opportunity to highlight its visibility and its importance at EU level.

European social partners have particular expertise in their sectors and in the realities of their workplaces. They are best placed to help respond to issues such as management of change, restructuring, anticipation of future skills and training needs, transitions to employment, occupational safety and health, labour market integration, youth employment, etc; topics that are all of great importance in the light of the EU2020 strategy.

Moreover, because European social partners are closely linked to the realities in their sectors and the people on the ground, they can make an important contribution to the priority of Commissioner Juncker to make the European Union more democratic and bring it closer to its citizens; or in the words of the Commission to create ‘A Union of Democratic Change’.

We support the need to develop the capacity-building of national social partners

Capacity-building of social partners at all levels is of great importance and partners of the PSEF commit to supporting its development where and when possible. Partners of the PSEF commit to developing a more Social Dialogue friendly Europe.

As a consequence of national backgrounds and national economic situations, social dialogue went through difficulttimes in several Member States. With the support of the European Commission’s programme several activities on capacity-building should start to strengthen the current situation.

In view of the mid-term review of the Multi-Annual Financial Framework, it is of great importance for the European Institutions to keep a large share devoted to social dialogue, infrastructure, education and training, R&D, and all other programmes that have a high return on investment for the European Economy.

Social partners are ready to work for the future of social dialogue

After 30 years of existence, we are at a turning point of EU social dialogue and it is now time to look forward and, based on our experiences, work together the future of social dialogue. Social Dialogue Partners of the PSEF are ready to take part in the announced work and evaluate the outcomes of the negotiation table.

The Public Services Employers’ Forum is an informal forum of European employer organisations
cooperating on matters of joint interest. Signatories of this joint declaration are:

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