While facing the COVID-19 pandemic, Gelsenwasser regards the security of supply of energy and water as guaranteed, even if the disease spreads more frequently and lasts longer. Gelsenwasser already had a prepared pandemic emergency plan based on three main rules: Protect the staff, Information Transparency and Secure the water supply. This included measurement such as separating the operational team with the administration staff by introducing different time shifts to avoid bigger gatherings.

The operational buildings of the Gelsenwasser branches are no longer accessible to customers for precautionary reasons. At this stage, Gelsenwasser only experienced some technical but also important issues: for sewage cleaning, FFP3 Masks are necessary to protect the workers. As these are the same masks as the ones used in hospitals, supply has become very difficult. These works can be postponed for some time, but since the uncertainty regarding the duration of this crisis and the endurance of masks’ shortage, this might become a serious problem.

The Federal Environment Agency has commented on the possible transmission of the novel corona virus via drinking water and has determined that there is no evidence of this. The enjoyment of drinking water and the use of tap water for all household applications is therefore unreservedly recommended. The WHO has also confirmed this assessment.

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