Fundacíon ONCE has as its main objective to carry out labour integration training and employment programs for people with disabilities, promoting the creation of globally accessible environments, products and services. Given the unexpected circumstances which we are all now experiencing, the main priority of Fundacíon ONCE is to properly address the specific needs of people with disabilities, given the fact that they are a particularly vulnerable group amidst the crisis. Furthermore, the COVID-19 impacts on the provision of healthcare, overall basic services, and its multiple economic implications are also among the main objects of concern for the organization.
For the moment, the primary measures to be adopted are related to the provision of the necessary tools for teleworking. However, if the quarantine persists for more than four weeks, Fundacíon ONCE will appeal to the ERTE (The Record of Temporary Regulation).

The organization is still producing new forecasts of income and expenses – even knowing that those are subjected to constant variations – in order to try to have some referential points of the scenario they are facing.

Additionally, Fundacíon ONCE is putting forward an extremely interesting initiative called the “#QuédateEnCasa” (#StayAtHome) plan. The action provides a series of online courses, so their targeted groups dispose of the required instruments to give continuity to their training activities. The courses are co-financed by the European Social Fund and aim to keep their work running when it comes to the improving of the conditions of access to the labour market for people with disabilities.

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