At the high level conference ‘A New Start for Social Dialogue’, Hans-Joachim Reck, CEEP President, reiterated the commitment of public services employers’ to Tripartite Social Dialogue. “The involvement of European, but also national, Social Partners in the European policy-making process is a pre-condition for its legitimacy,” he said.

He also offered the concrete support of CEEP in reinforcing industrial relations in public services, especially where effectiveness and efficiency need to be increased through modernisation and reforms. He went on, explaining that “negotiated reforms work better, especially when they are backed by benchmarking about what worked well or not in different countries and different sectors.”

For that reason, CEEP launched back in 2010 the Public Services Employers’ Forum, together with several sectoral employers’ organisations. At the occasion of the re-launch of Social Dialogue, the PSEF presented a joint declaration on social dialogue.

During the concluding session, Valeria Ronzitti, CEEP General Secretary, outlined the elements of what could be called a “tripartite work programme”:

  • Strengthening the involvement of social partners in the EU semester by ensuring that Country Specific Recommendations reflect the real needs of employers and workers at national level;
  • Involving social partners in EU policy making, beyond the classic ‘article 154 consultations’, in fields going from the Energy union to the Digital Agenda, which all have an impact on growth and job creation and on better regulation, in the sense of bringing consistency in the too fragmented panorama of social dialogues.

“But the tripartite social dialogue cannot work if it is not based on sound bipartite Social Dialogue. CEEP wants to reiterate today its strong commitment to bipartite social dialogue. Strong and autonomous Social Partners are an essential pillar of EU social market economy”, concluded Ms Ronzitti.

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