The political climate has changed in Europe. On 26 May, people all over Europe voted for a fair, peaceful and most importantly a sustainable Europe.

The EU election can also be seen as a climate election. As the European Parliament will vote and decide on the next European Commission, the protection of the environment and the sustainability of our economy and society as a whole will significantly shape the political EU agenda in the future.

At CEEP, we took notice of the results of the EU election, and now call for a successful EU climate strategy to be part of a sustainable development strategy, building up on the three pillars which lie at the heart of CEEP member’s action:

  • The economic dimension: CEEP members promote economic growth and employment in Europe by providing essential services. Their contribution is crucial in the fight against climate change and their quality contributes to the competitiveness of European industry.
  • The environmental dimension: the outcome of mitigation policies has been insufficient despite Europe’s vigorous efforts (which emits less than 10% of global CO2 emissions); it is therefore essential, while pursuing mitigation policies, to think about the adaptation of our economies and the resilience of infrastructure.
  • The social dimension: the involvement of Europeans is a sine qua non condition for the success of climate policies, as it is based on changes in consumer behaviour that will prove essential. The implementation of effective and efficient climate policies and a fair sharing of the financial effort are essential to increase citizens’ support. With its historical proximity to citizens, CEEP members are particularly aware of this social dimension.

You can read here the full statement on CEEP’s “A Sustainable Climate Strategy for Europe: Acting Now”, highlighting our key priorities in the decarbonisation process for the next decades to come.

Furthermore, in the upcoming weeks, the Council is expected to prepare and adopt its priorities in its Strategic Agenda for 2019-2024. It is clear that after the results of this election, the concerns of climate change will have to be taken into account and the necessary attention is needed to ensure a strong European commitment to the Paris Agreements and beyond.

We therefore call out to all Member States to continue the implementation, take a comprehensive approach towards more resource efficiency and innovative decarbonisation strategies, and most importantly explain and promote awareness on the societal changes stemming from the adaptation to climate change.

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