The Association of Municipal Enterprises (VKU) has explicitly developed additional measures for energy suppliers. The energy supply is currently neither endangered nor impaired, the association emphasizes. Nevertheless, municipal utilities and distribution network operators take precautionary measures to slow the rate of spread of the Corona virus and thus ensure a stable energy supply with the least possible risk to their employees. These include the use of home office where possible, avoiding customer contacts, cancellation of business trips and events, building separate teams and identifying possible bottlenecks at an early stage in order to maintain core operational functions even in the event of an infection. Hygiene measures are currently being implemented almost everywhere in the municipal sector.

Energy suppliers are assessing in which critical areas of the core business there could be shortages of employees with important know-how.

The VKU advises to coordinate clearly in advance what is covered by the “absolutely core business to be maintained”. For example, by only taking urgent measures such as the repair of damages to power lines – but no regular maintenance to reduce the contact options among the employees, specifies the association. This also ensures that sufficient protective equipment such as breathing masks, disinfectants and gloves are available for greater emergencies.


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