Dear reader,

For the first CEEP Newsletter in 2019, I would like to begin by wishing you all a happy new year! For the EU and its citizens, 2019 will be a challenging and decisive year. The European elections, scheduled to be held on 23-26 May, will dictate the fate of Europe for the next five years, and probably beyond.

It is therefore also a crucial moment for CEEP, a moment to raise and shine, prepare the ground and influence future decisions of the EU legislator. The first steps of that work have already been completed: we have established our key priorities for 2019-2024 and started to engage with key stakeholders highlighting those messages. More will now need to be done, at all levels, to promote our commitment to shaping and leading the future of public services within the European project.

Indeed, through its members and their activities, as well as its involvement in activities at European level, CEEP has a lot to offer:. As cross-industry social partner, as THE representative of providers of essential services in daily contact with citizens, and as a network active across  Europe, CEEP can directly contribute to strengthening the ownership of the European projects by citizens as well as the democratic dimension of the EU, and contribute to opposing populist discourses all over Europe.

In Brussels, in the capitals and in regions and municipalities, CEEP and its members will aim at  discussing the achievements and shortcomings of the European projects, and the positive and negative effects on public services and services of general interest.
Whilst some CEEP sections are already engaging with their respective candidates at local and national level, the organisation of activities at EU level will ramp up in the coming weeks and months.

Events such as The Social Partners’ conference on 6 February, where the Social Partners’ Work Programme 2019-2021 will officially be presented, the DEMOCRACY ALIVE festival organised by the European Movement International in partnership with the European Parliament, the Tripartite Social Summit, and high-level events such as the Sibiu Summit and the EESC-organised “Civil society for rEUnaissance”, will be the opportunity  for CEEP to highlight its messages, commitments and contributions.

We now intend to double-up on activities, in order to impact the discussions before the elections, during the process leading up to the appointment of the college of Commissioners and the establishment of the priorities for the next 5 years at EU level.

Let’s join forces for the future of Europe!

Kind regards,

Valeria Ronzitti

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