Dear reader,

With now less than one month to go before the European elections, the campaign is now in full motion with ‘Spitzenkandidaten’ from the different political groups hitting the road across the EU. As this is the last newsletter before this important milestone, I would like to restate the importance of this election for the Future of Europe, and how CEEP became and will remain active on the ground through its members.

In the light of rising Euroscepticism, fake news and various other threats to democracy in Europe, CEEP joined a chorus of European organisations which took a stand to promote active participation in the elections. Amongst others, CEEP played an active role in the Alliance for Democracy set up in 2017, joined the Democracy Festival in Texel on 11-13 April 2019 and supported the ‘This Time I’m Voting’ campaign of the European Parliament. Being active at this level allowed us to put CEEP and its key messages at the heart of the debate, highlighting the importance of the link between the European Union, public services and SGIs, and citizens.

In parallel to our activities at EU level, several CEEP members also took up the opportunity to set the agenda in their constituencies, by engaging with candidates and organizing various events in Germany, The Netherlands, France and Italy: the activities of CEEP members in the lead-up to the elections have been and will be various, facilitating the contact with future elected MEPs and Commissioners.

By engaging with citizens and candidates, CEEP is preparing the ground for the post-elections’ activities, which will be concluded by the Public Services Summit, to be held on 11 December 2019, and will serve as the first important ‘rendez-vous’ between CEEP and the new institutional leaders of the EU. More information on the event will be circulated in the coming months, but we invite you to already save the date.

In the meanwhile, we encourage all of you to go and vote on 23-26 May, to contribute to the European democracy and have a say on the future direction for the EU.

Kind regards,

Valeria Ronzitti

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