Contribution of Public Services’ Providers to Climate Action for a Successful and Ambitious COP21 – PDF

Executive summary

  • Ahead of the COP 21 in Paris, CEEP calls for the conclusion of an ambitious and robust climate agreement that includes binding commitments. These should be regularly reviewed and strengthened by all parties.
  • Public services providers support ambitious climate action. They are committed to climate action through their business culture and their sectors of activity. Their approach is based on the logics of sustainability, taking into account its environmental aspects, as well as its economic and social dimensions.
  • Mitigation policies should take a comprehensive approach and be structured around resource efficiency and decarbonisation. Public services sectors such as transport, telecommunications, energy, waste management and water treatment, as well as R&D have an important mitigation potential.  In order to fully exploit this potential, the current orientation in Europe to put into place a European Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) must imperatively provide a true and fair carbon price, creating a level-playing field in order to incentivise investments that foster the decarbonisation of the European economy.
  • Adaption policies should be seen as complementary to mitigation policies as they provide measures needed to tackle the negative consequences due to climate change. Adaptation measures should include the protection of infrastructure in order to increase their resilience. The implications of climate change on sectors such as water, energy and transport, need to be urgently considered.
  • Climate change policies cannot ignore the investment challenge. There is a strong economic case for investing in climate action as this will create the sustainable growth and jobs Europe needs. In order to unleash the full potential of investments in climate-friendly solutions, private investment needs to be underpinned by public investment.
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