Today [16th October 2019], Milena Angelova, CEEP Vice President, and Valeria Ronzitti, General Secretary, addressed the Tripartite Social Summit (TSS). In the presence of Antti Rinne, Prime Minister of Finland, Ms Angelova thanked both President Tusk and President Juncker for their commitment and dedication to social dialogue for their last TSS.

Highlighting the challenges and priorities for employers of public services and services of general interest, and how they can contribute to a “competitive, fair and sustainable Europe”, Ms Angelova said:

  • On the central role of public services in the European economy: “Public Services promote economic growth and employment in Europe by providing essential services. They contribute substantially to the fight against climate change and, thanks to their quality, to the competitiveness of the European industry.”
  • On the need for investment to support the industrial transformation: “Today’s industrial policies must link many elements: innovation, investment, skills and decarbonisation. CEEP has been constantly warning about the need for tremendous investments in digitalisation, automation, robotisation and artificial intelligence in order to have an impact on productivity and competitiveness. We promptly need new investments in physical and social infrastructures and in skills and competences to foster real productivity gains, create more jobs and pay better wages.”
  • On sustainability and inclusiveness at the core of all policies: “All the policies that we devise today can only be successfully implemented if sustainability is placed at their core. To ensure the social feasibility of environmental policies it is important that these transitions are inclusive and do not leave anyone behind.”

 Ms Angelova also emphasised the added-value of social dialogue and called for a proper and genuine cooperation between employers and trade unions: “It is our shared responsibility to anticipate and equip the workers with appropriate skills, so that they can face the necessary transitions with confidence. Employee training is an investment and not a cost.”

CEEP also presented during the Tripartite Social Summit the outcomes of its most recent Pulse of Public Services. You can find the report here.

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