With the positive vote of the European Parliament on the new European Commission, the EU is now set to enter its new institutional cycle on 1 December 2019. With 461 votes in favour, the new European Commission has gathered a broad support from all sides of the European Parliament. CEEP welcomes the outcome of the vote, which puts an end to instability and provides the College of Commissioners with a stable majority.

With its focuses on an EU Green Deal, on making the economy works for the people and the EU fit for the digital age, Ursula von der Leyen and her College of Commissioners will address important issues for the future of Europe.

Valeria Ronzitti, CEEP General Secretary, commented on the new European Commission:

We welcome the broad support of the European Parliament to the new European Commission today, which confirms the entry into office of Ursula von der Leyen and her College of Commissioners on 1 December. Building up on the outcomes of the Juncker Commission, the priorities identified by President von der Leyen will help the EU to face the triple transition: decarbonized, global and digital. Now is the time to effectively deliver on those promises and ensure that the EU remain a beacon for peace, prosperity and sustainability.”

“Employers and providers of public services and services of general interest will be instrumental to bring to life the priorities of the new European Commission. Climate change and the EU Green Deal, reconnecting the social and the economy, making Europe fit for the digital age: public services and SGIs, active in sectors such as healthcare, education, housing, public transport, energy, telecommunications or water, are at the heart of all those policies.”

“As the cross-sectoral social partner representing providers of public services and SGIs, CEEP supports the proposed approach to bridge EU decision-making and the reality of enterprises, workers and citizens. This College of Commissioners will need to be inclusive and recognise the role of social partners to succeed. Building up on the practice initiated by the Juncker Commission to consult social partners on any initiative having an impact on growth and job creation in a broad sense and our integration into the debates to shape the future of Europe. In that regard, the Conference on the Future of Europe will play a central role and we look forward to further discuss with President von der Leyen and her College of Commissioners on how they intend to associate social partners to that initiative.”

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