The European Commission published today [4 March 2020] its proposal for an EU Climate Law, establishing the legal framework for achieving climate neutrality by 2050. This new legislation should serve as the backbone to realise the EU net-zero climate targets and prepare a fair and effective climate strategy, emphasised in the EU Green Deal.

Reacting to this proposal, Valeria Ronzitti, CEEP General Secretary, said:

“CEEP supports the ambition of the Regulation for an EU Climate Law by the European Commission to correctly link policy measures from all sectors of the economy to achieve the ambitions laid out in the Green Deal. Whilst we welcome the intentions of the Regulation, CEEP regrets the lack of connections to important sectors across the economic value chain in Article 3 to achieve this ambitious climate transition.”

“CEEP has been calling upon the Commission to conduct a proper Impact Assessment for the entire EU Climate Law. We welcome the fact that there will at least be such an Impact Assessment for the EU targets for greenhouse gas emissions reductions for 2030, including all types of greenhouse gases beyond CO2 emissions.”

“As EU Social Partner, CEEP is committed to supporting the Commission on its mission to include and engage all citizens to play an active part of the climate transition: no transition will take place without the acceptance of society, and public services and SGIs are key enablers to include everyone in this transition thanks to their proximity with citizens.

Representing at EU level providers of public services and of services of general interest, CEEP brings together a broad-range of sectors, such as energy, transport, housing or waste management, which are at the heart of the climate transition and contribute to solutions supporting the EU ambitions for a more sustainable, economically viable, socially fair and environmentally friendly transition.

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