Today [11 December 2019], the European Commission has presented the long-awaited Green Deal for Europe. CEEP welcomes this proposal: as climate change is happening, Europe needs to act now.

CEEP particularly highlights the necessity to recognize the vital role of Public Services and Services of General Interest (SGIs) as key actors in this climate transition, addressing the challenges of digitalisation, the social and the economic aspects. Valeria Ronzitti, General Secretary, commented on the proposal: “The success of the Green Deal is Europe’s last chance to fight Climate Change, and its success will depend on the integration of a well-balanced approach towards a sustainable development. Placing at the very heart of the policy-making the economic, social and environmental dimensions is precisely where services of general interest are located.”

In the framework of the EU Green Deal, CEEP calls more specifically for:

  • The need for strong and well-balanced climate policy-making: in light of the new Climate Law, and supporting the ambition to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, CEEP highlights the wide-ranging challenges of climate change across different sectors and countries, affecting each differently. It should be therefore understood that “one size does not fit all”: it will be crucial to ensure legislations from different sectors do not conflict with previous existing policies and are in harmony to achieve efficiently our climate goals.
  • Successful integration of mitigation and adaptation policies in the EU Green Deal: it is vital to consider the adaptation of our economies and the resilience of our infrastructures. Action must simultaneously handle other environmental challenges such as water availability or biodiversity, and CEEP welcomes the new EU Biodiversity Strategy and the Zero Pollution Action Plan.
  • The key role of Public Services and SGIs in safeguarding social infrastructures in Europe: in this highly intensive climate transition, we welcome in the EU Green Deal the attention given to citizens and communities. Public Services and SGIs are in direct contact with their users and understand the importance to leave no one behind in this transition.
  • A sustainable financing plan with a long-term vision: Boosting financing to climate-friendly solutions and transforming the European Investment Bank towards the first Climate Bank is a vital step to accelerate the climate transition. Public Services and SGIs promote economic growth and employment in Europe by providing essential services (communications, water, energy, waste treatment, transport, etc.) and their contribution is crucial to support the competitiveness of our industries.
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