At the high-level conference ‘The Future of Work: Today. Tomorrow. For All.’ today [9 April 2019], Milena Angelova, CEEP Vice-President, and Valeria Ronzitti, CEEP General Secretary, highlighted the key challenges faced and solutions found by employers and providers of public services and services of general interest. A special focus was put by CEEP speakers on the need to anticipate change to bring answers, for workers and citizens.

Milena Angelova, CEEP Vice-President, said:

“Labour shortage and skills mismatches are the most serious problem that the EU employers and public services providers face nowadays, causing a loss of 2% of EU GDP and impeding the creation of sustainable jobs. This, combined with demographic ageing and brain drain, produces worrying divergences between Member States.”

 “We need a reform of education systems, driven by a genuine paradigm shift in the goals and functioning of the education sector. (…) Reliable anticipation of the supply and demand of skills and of the future structure of the EU labour market are key, together with making vocational education and training a first-class option for learners and fostering permeability between VET and higher education. It means also an increased demand for STEM, digital and soft skills, and great needs for the upskilling and reskilling of employees.”

In the concluding plenary panel, Valeria Ronzitti, CEEP General Secretary, said:

“The question of coping with demographic ageing, digitalisation and decarbonisation and their consequences in enterprises all over Europe will be our top priorities. Today confirmed that they concern everyone equally. For CEEP members, something that resonates particularly vividly is the necessity to create a labour market that is able to anticipate change.”

“A key message of CEEP today is that Europe needs to build multi-stakeholder approaches linking together enterprises, education and training providers, social services, local and regional government and social partner organisations. With mutual trust, respect and joint actions we will successfully cope with the transformations, leaving no one behind.”

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