Today [3rd July 2019], Valeria Ronzitti, CEEP General Secretary, discussed the issue of “Sustainable growth: skills and smart work organization in the digital era” at the High-level Conference Finnish Presidency of the Council of the EU.

In an interactive session with the EU Social Partners, Mrs Ronzitti presented CEEP’s key messages on the importance of innovation for social dialogue and public services in Europe:

  • Addressing innovation and the platform economy: “Many of the elements brought up in the speeches during the conference should positively inspire the Social Partners’ current negotiations on digitalisation and highlight the need to put workplace innovation at the top of the agenda. Platforms could also further be seen as a “way of functioning”, and not as a business model.”
  • Addressing the need of digital infrastructures: “However, besides the need to plan for the future and to develop innovative solutions to address our challenges, the emphasis should also be put on the need to develop digital infrastructures, especially in rural areas. Digitalisation should be inclusive and benefit every single citizen with a particular attention to those living in remote areas.”
  • Addressing the adaptation of education systems: “It is now urgent to reform our education systems and create a genuine ‘digital-friendly’ learning environment. Digital literacy should be included within the cursus, with the aim of improving STEM skills for every student.”
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