The 2020 edition of the CEEP-CSR Label is about to start, with brand new benchmark questions and priorities to be integrated into the evaluation process, and a free-of-charge online self-assessment tool that will allow you to evaluate your own compliance with Corporate Social Responsibility (online from 3 February 2020!)

The methodologies will soon be uploaded on the CEEP-CSR Label website in multiple languages, to allow a maximum number of applicants to go through the guidelines in their preferred language.

Do you want to know what Corporate Social Responsibility means and if your company acts in this way?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an approach to sustainable development, whereby companies integrate economic, social and environmental concerns into their culture, strategy and actions, and the interaction with their stakeholders, on a voluntary basis, beyond the legal rules. In the context of the crisis, we need enterprises voluntarily committed to CSR more than ever!

The following dimensions build a framework for socially responsible behaviour of enterprises providing services of general interest: customers, staff (employees and managers), economic stakeholders (subcontractors, suppliers, partners and competitors), public authorities and other stakeholders (local & consumer associations etc.), and environment as an ecosystem are concerned by socially responsible behaviour.

To apply for the CEEP-CSR Label:

From the 3rd of February 2020 you will be able to test your enterprise with a brand new – and completely free of charge – self-assessment tool that will be available on the Assessment Centre page of the new CEEP CSR Label website.

After a successful self-assessment (score 70% or higher), you are invited to apply and send your file for evaluation.

Your documents will then be evaluated by external experts and every applying enterprise will receive a tailor-made report.

The 3 most outstanding CSR practices will then be selected amongst the enterprises that will be awarded with the Label by an independent Awarding Committee, and will be awarded “with merit” during a ceremony, with peers from all over Europe, that will be held in December 2020.

Should you wish to know more, do not hesitate to contact CEEP Project Manager, Carlotta Astori.

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