In its effort to make a decisive contribution to the current work on the European Fund for Strategic Investments, CEEP prepared amendments aiming at improving the proposal of the European Commission. Our amendments to the legislative proposal focused on five main priorities:

  1. To make sure that the plan does not only respond to economic but also to social and job creation objectives;
  2. To make clear that public and private investments need to complement each other’s: In the original proposal for the EFSI Regulation there is an over reliance on the leverage effect to be achieved by private investments;
  3. To ensure that funds trigger investment both in physical and social infrastructures;
  4. To strive for decentralization of the mechanism currently outlined by the EFSI regulation, giving more place to local authorities and social partners;
  5. To obtain more transparency and accountability of the selection committee thanks to an enforced role of the co-legislator.

You consult the letter sent to the MEPs of the ECON and BUDG committee, as well as the Amendments prepared.

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