Today [10th March 2020], the European Commission put forward its proposal for a new Industrial Strategy. The Strategy comprises a communication for A New Industrial Strategy for Europe, An SME Strategy for a sustainable and digital Europe, an Action Plan for better implementation and enforcement of the single market rules and the Single Market Barriers Report.

Reacting to this proposal, Valeria Ronzitti, CEEP General Secretary, said:

“CEEP considers the Package published today as a central element for the realization of the EU’s ambition to support the environmental and digital transitions of economic actors, on equal footing with the EU Green Deal, the European Sustainable Investment Plan and the Digital Package.”

“Services of general interest are at the heart of those strategies and are essential actors of the competitiveness and adaptability of the EU industrial base. SGIs are responsible for the provision of the infrastructure without which most, if not all, of our economies’ value chains would collapse: We call in this context for a balanced approach, fully taking into account the specificities and achievements of employers and enterprises of services of general interest.”

“CEEP welcomes the inclusion of the SME strategy in this Industrial Package. The new Commission’s framework has rightly identified the measures necessary to assist SMEs while recognizing that SMEs are very diverse. In this context we insist on the role of local public services SMEs for achieving our sustainability and competitiveness objectives and call for the strategy to also address their needs in the assessment of the SME definition.”

“The Circular Economy Action Plan is a key component of the EU industrial architecture. EU industries must fully embrace the ways of the circular economy or risk failing to meet with the EU’s environmental objectives. SGIs are at the key players in driving this new economic strategy and will pave the way of other economic actors to follow.”

We encourage the EU, national, regional and local authorities as well as social partners, to further build on this new strategy for concrete actions to reinforce the legal framework of the EU industry, R&D, financing, intellectual property, skilling and reskilling of workers, climate action measures, circular economy, as well as adapting competition rules and fight unfair practices.”

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