Alongside other priorities in this path-setting moment of European politics, CEEP’s efforts and time in favour of continuing the activities of the Intergroup on Public Services are so far successful. It is now official that MEPs of four different political groups (PPE, S&D, Renew Europe and Greens) will have the opportunity to vote on whether or not the current Intergroup on Public Services should be maintained with an updated mandate, political basis and setting. Each parliamentary group will vote in the upcoming weeks over the (limited) number of Intergroups it chooses to endorse officially, ensuring their activities continue in the five years ahead.

Not every projected Intergroup has made it to this crucial step. This shows, on one hand, the considerable political potential of this Intergroup in pushing forward the European public services’ providers’ needs to the new Parliament and the European Commission. Despite certain shortcomings within its design during the past legislature, it succeeded in stimulating exchange of views on relevant matters of public services across a wealth of areas, both inside and outside the European Parliament, filling an important gap. On the other side, however, it also shows that we are not “there” yet, as many other Intergroup projects will be competing.

As we are gathering as much support as possible within the European Parliament, we call upon all CEEP members to approach their respective representatives amongst the Members of the European Parliament and raise awareness about the re-establishment of the Intergroup, to make sure the Intergroup will receive a positive vote from the different political groups and, therefore, be established. Please contact CEEP Project Manager Carlotta Astori, if you can support our call or have any questions.

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