At the Tripartite Social Summit, CEEP General Secretary Valeria Ronzitti expressed views on key issues of the European agenda.

  • On the Energy Union and Climate-change management:

“CEEP strongly supports the establishment of a real Energy Union. We see the necessity for a swift completion of the internal energy market as a way to support the economic recovery within the EU but also as a way to strengthen Europe’s external dimension.”

“We hope that the European ambition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will find counterparts in the rest of the international community and that the bottom-up approach decided in Lima will give a new impetus to the climate change negotiations.”

  • On the Investment Plan and the EU Semester

“The Investment Plan must have far-reaching impacts, aiming at creating sustainable jobs and improving Europe’s long-term growth potential by modernising social and physical infrastructures. Private investments alone cannot reach that goal. They have to be based on and supported by well targeted public investments in key Services of General Interest.”

“The European Semester is an essential element of the European policy making. The change of national policies towards more sustainable investments must be reflected in the Semester. To make the Investment Plan works, Member States also have to set their National Reform Programmes on an ‘investment and growth mode’.”

  • On reforming public services

“Since Public Services are responsible for 26 percent of the European GDP and employ 30 percent of the European workforce the public sector needs to take over responsibility to restore European competitiveness. We do our share by identifying management practices that can best accompany reforms in public services at national regional and local levels”.

On top of Ms Ronzitti’s speech at the Tripartite Social Summit, CEEP addressed a letter to Heads of State and Government in view of the Council meeting and published its biannual ‘Pulse of Public Services’, presenting the main challenges faced by public services’ providers in Europe.

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