“Public services are key to re-building confidence in Europe”: This is the key message delivered today by CEEP President, Hans Joachim Reck, at the Tripartite Social Summit in Brussels. Mr Reck built this statement around the two main items of this Spring Council: job creation and climate and energy policies. With regard to job creation Mr Reck underlined the positive role played by public services’ employers and providers “Our members are modernising and innovating to respond to changing needs and pressures. New service models and ways of delivery are being worked out very often also in line with environmental and social criteria, which are shown among the enterprises that have been awarded with the CEEP CSR label: this has also a clear positive impact on workforce management and job creation.” Continue reading

At the MEDPOL meeting today, CEEP General Secretary, Valeria Ronzitti, emphasised the need for investments in order to reach sustainable growth. Ms Ronzitti highlighted in particular the need for long-term investments in physical and social infrastructures. “There is a real business case for a steady and stable employment within public services of adequate size. Stable public services serve as an anti-cyclical macroeconomic buffer and stabilize aggregate demand and economic performance”. Continue reading

Today’s EP vote on the two Directives on public procurement and on the new Directive on the award of concession contracts crystallise important achievements of CEEP lobby action. “After two years of intense discussions with the European Commission and with Members of the European Parliament, significant improvements have been made to the original proposals, in particular when it comes to simplification and flexibility” stated Valeria RONZITTI, General Secretary of CEEP. Continue reading

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