CEEP will participate next Thursday 28 February and Friday 1 March in a Kick-Off Meeting in the framework of the project “EQW&L – Equality for Work and Life”.

The EQ&WL project aims to define strategies and collaboration schemes which focus on Work-Life Balance, by promoting multi-stakeholder partnerships (PES, SMEs and social partners) and a nonstereotyped approach to Work-Life Balance. The project focuses on SMEs which represent those economic groups which offer more opportunities for women and face the greatest difficulties in implementing Work-Life Balance policies. Concrete tools which support this balance will be tested and then incorporated at EU level.

In the framework of this project, the concept of “Work-Life Balance” is understood in a broader way, namely as not being exclusively “women–centred”; it incorporates the encouragement of men participation in care duties as well as aspects of personal life which are not necessarily related to taking care of dependent persons.

EQ&WL will specifically address gender stereotypes and subconscious gender biases and will develop a business case for SMEs which invest in gender-balanced work-life balance policies, thus showing how these policies can benefit both workers and employers.

Therefore, the project is focused on three different levels:

  • System: proposing and testing strategies which can be used to support persons entering the labour market so as not to be marginalised due to their work-life balance needs;
  • Individuals: the new EQ&WL services will offer those people in search of a job the opportunity to recognise/address own specific work-life balance needs;
  • Companies: SMEs which offer relevant employment opportunities for women but face more difficulties than bigger corporations in implementing work-life balance policies.

The project implementation is organised in six phases. Amongst those, the project start-up will take place next Thursday 28 February and Friday 1 March in Rome, Italy, in the form of a Kick-Off Meeting. Overall, the project is designed to maximize opportunities for cross-regional comparison of findings.

Do not hesitate to contact CEEP Project Officer Carlotta Astori for more information.

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