CEEP Opinion on the European Commission Package “Better Regulation For Better Results – An EU Agenda” – PDF

Executive summary

  • CEEP welcomes the new approach proposed by the Commission in the Better regulation package. More transparent, inclusive and evidenced-based decisions through a systemic approach are needed to ensure that EU measures are fit for the needs of citizens, enterprises and public administrations, including public services providers. Most importantly it will enable to increase the ownership of the European project.
  • Better regulation is a collective responsibility. Clear commitments from the co-legislators are fundamental to make Better regulation effective and legitimate. Also, as a cross sectoral European Social Partner, CEEP is fully aware of its responsibility in making Better Regulation happen.
  • Better regulation has a great potential to contribute to social and economic cohesion in Europe by creating the right environment for accompanying the on-going modernisation of public services across Europe.
  • However, CEEP believes that there is some room for improvements in order to make sure that Better regulation will be effective. First of all, citizens and stakeholders need to be better informed on how decisions are taken at each important step of the policy-cycle. In particular the delegated acts procedure and ‘trilogues’ need to be even more transparent.
  • Additional public consultations channels are very welcomed. Nevertheless, in order to make the process effective it is important that factors such as timing, intelligible drafting as well as transparency on how the results are taken into account, are considered and improved.
  • A more evidenced-based decision-making is needed to ensure the quality of political decisions at the final stages of the decision-making procedure, but the requirement of impact assessment should not end up paralysing political decisions.
  • In order to not undermine the balance between social, environmental and economic objectives, it is fundamental that the new REFIT approach fully embraces the principles of transparency and legal security. In addition, we call on the European Commission to include the general cross-sectoral social partners in the REFIT platform.
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