“An integrated approach to sustainable growth: this is what we want to read as the main message coming out from the long awaited EC’s circular economy package”, expressed Valeria Ronzitti, CEEP General Secretary.

The two communications “Towards a circular economy: a zero waste programme for Europe” and “Green Employment Initiative: Tapping into the job creation potential of the green economy” are the first step towards a coherent approach in environmental and employment policies, the only approach that can genuinely foster the so-called “green economy”.

However, while recognising that both communications are steps taken towards the sustainable growth our European economies desperately need, CEEP would have liked to see the same level of ambitions for the environmental and the employment side of the proposals.
Whereas the communication on Circular economy contains very specific measures such as a clear methodology of output-based calculation of recycling rates of municipal waste, the Green Employment Initiative lacks on ambition and is more a picture than a concrete proposal on how to increase employability through green, sustainable jobs.

CEEP will use the Communication as a basis for discussion, but intends to come up with new ideas to boost green jobs, with the hope that those will translate in concrete initiatives by the next European Commission and will find the support of Member States.
“We will have a first opportunity to do so at the first ever joint Environment and Employment Informal ministerial meeting. The integrated approach is what public services employers and providers want to see when it comes to sustainable growth” concluded Valeria Ronzitti.

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