“Structural reforms, in particular deep labour market reforms, are the only way out of long-term unemployment if social partners themselves have not been able to timely anticipate change and negotiate new frameworks for working conditions and contractual arrangements”, stated Valeria Ronzitti intervening today in Athens at the Informal meeting of Employment Ministers with the European Social Partners.

Referring to the specific case of Greece she then specified “The painful adjustment programmes organised by the Troika are a self explanatory example of why structural reforms to be effective and fair must be planned early in advance, with a long-term strategic view, adapted to each national context and above all, whilst the economy is strong and in consultation with the social partners”.

It is not by chance that employers and workers having suffered the most are those for whom deep changes, needed since years, had not been undertaken by the social partners themselves. “Those are employers and workers in public services where more than 150.000 jobs were lost and from electricity, port, and water companies that are currently forced to restructure following imposed schemes at an unsustainable pace”. That is why “CEEP decided to support public services’ employers in Greece with a tailor-made project of exchange of practices between CEO’s of network industries as well as healthcare education and public administration from all over Europe, with the aim to lay the foundations for future effective and efficient public services’ management in countries currently suffering the most from high speed and top down imposed restructuring programmes” concluded Valeria Ronzitti.

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