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The Energy Task Force follows primarily the work of the EU institutions. As energy policy is moving more and more in the centre of European politics, the Energy Task Force with its vast range of members (e.g. small/big), with different backgrounds (e.g. electricy/gas) and knowledge, is contributing to « A 2030 framework for climate and energy policies ».

The guidelines of the work of the Energy Task Force are given by the aims that an EU energy policy should pursue :

  • The energy policy should ensure economic and social progress which depends on energy availabity;
  • To enjoy that availability, security of supply should be ensured. It emcompasses various dimensions involving geopolitics, market organisation, interconnections and diversification of energy sources including the need to develop indigenous energy sources;
  • Environment protection, including fighting climate change, is another side of energy policy which requires long term incentives for low carbon, environment-friendly and efficient energy production as well as efficient energy consumption;
  • Affordability of energy is required for both industry and households. The concept of « fair prices », i.e. covering total costs, should also reflect the need to incentivise energy efficient behaviour without hampering competitiveness and household welfare;

It is on the basis of these four objectives that the Energy Task Force is e.g. analysing the criteria for a well-functioning of the internal energy market, or the requirements to foster climate-friendly energy generation.

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